A lot of types of games (building, simulation, strategy for example) use a virtual grid system. Today I’m going to show you, how to move objects on a virtual grid. As before, I have uploaded all my files free for you to use.

Unity3D and A Basic Grid System

So this is what my game view looks like for this tutorial. The “ground” is a default unity plane (Scaled 1 x 1 x 1) for which I created a small texture to represent one grid “box” and set the material tiling to 10 x 10 so the total plane would be a virtual grid of 10 by 10. The ground also has it’s tag set to “ground” to contain the movable cubes in this specific area.

The cubes are just 2 default cubes with different colored materials attached to them.

The only script, GridMoving.cs, used in this tutorial, is attached to the Main Camera.

Download GridMoving.cs
Download Grid.png

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