Warframe Boss Loot Guide

I made this list after I had already farmed 2 bosses in Warframe for the frames they drop. Then I wanted to know which bosses drop which frames so I could go and collect/try them all!
Hopefully it’ll be helpful to someone, I’m still not even close to farming all these frames but I’m working on it!


Normally you would need to acquire 4 blueprints to assemble a new warframe:

– the neuroptics blueprint
– the chassis blueprint
– the systems blueprint
– the main blueprint that requires all the previous ones (crafted)


Now I’ll just list all the planets (tried to keep them progression order), the nodes, the boss and the warframe you can get by killing them

Earth – ORO (Councilor Vay Hek) – Hydroid
Venus – FOSSA (Jackal) – Rhino
Mercury – TOLSTOJ (Captain Vor) – No warframe, but drops Cronus blueprint
Mars – WAR (Lieutenant Lech Kril) – Excalibur
Phobos – ILIAD (The Sergeant) – Mag
Ceres – EXTA (Captain Vor and Lieutenant Lech Kril) – Frost
Jupiter – THEMISTO (Alad V) – Valkyr
Europa – NAAMAH (The Raptor) – Nova
Saturn – TETHYS (General Sargas Ruk) – Ember
Uranus – TITANIA (Tyl Regor) – Equinox (6 blueprints Day/Night, Equinox is a bit more complex to assemble)
Neptune – PSAMATHE (Hyena Pack) – Loki
Pluto – HADES (Ambulas) – Trinity
Sedna – MERROW (Kela De Thaym) – Saryn

Orokin Derelict Assassination (Lephantis) – Nekros
ErisMutalist Alad V Assassinate – Mesa
ErisJordas Golem Assassinate – Atlas


After you collected the chassis, neuroptics and systems blueprints, you can then buy the main blueprint from the market to assemble the pieces together!

There are even more frames that do not drop from bosses. Some of them are awarded as a reward from completing a quest (like Limbo and the main blueprint for Harrow) and some drop from random enemies (like Oberon), some are offered as alert rewards (like Vauban) and some require farming a type of mission (like Ivara with Spy missions).


May the RNG be ever in your favor, Tenno!


Thank you wiki for being absolutely essential in the assembly of this loot guide!